Riverview Dental COVID-19 Procedures

You are in safe hands now more than ever! We have always prided ourselves in following the highest levels of infection control.

What we are doing to keep our patients safe

  1. We are prescreening patients for COVID-19 symptoms before and at the time of their visit.
  2. Anyone who answers YES to screening questions will confer with the doctor to determine if they should be treated or postpone treatment till a later date.
  3. We are asking patients to use hand sanitizer upon entering the office.
  4. We are taking and recording patient temperatures upon arrival at the office.
  5. Patients wear facemasks in the office, when not in the dental chair.   Some will be available at the front desk.
  6. We are maintaining social distancing with patients.  (Our office is spacious and not difficult to maintain a safe distance).
  7. Patients may wait in their car until we are ready for them, if that makes them more comfortable, however, we have ample space to wait in the waiting room while maintaining safe social distancing.
  8. We are limiting the total number of people in the office at one time to maintain social distancing. (We have an abundance of space.)
  9. We are cleaning and sanitizing the office several times throughout the day.

What we are doing to keep our staff safe

         We are using proper PPE per ADA and CDC guidelines.

    1. We are using Gloves, Masks and Face Shields or Face Shields/Goggles.
    2. As there is a national gown shortage, we are using long sleeve Scrub jackets, changing if visibly soiled. 

          We are conducting daily health assessments

    1. We are taking and recordings Staff temperatures at the start of the day.
    2. Anyone who is ill is asked to stay home and self-isolate.

         We are maintaining good hygiene.

    1. We are washing hands with soap and water
    2. We are providing hand sanitizer throughout the office
    3. We are cleaning and sanitizing the office and high usage areas throughout the day and at the end of the day.
    4. We are limiting capacity and maintaining social distancing.
    5. Our office is spacious and not difficult to maintain a safe distance.
    6. Administrative Employees are wearing face coverings throughout the day (except when alone or if there is a medical reason why someone cannot wear them)